Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bears For Huggin & Trucks For Play

Today at Goodwill I found these great bears for the boxes - Two are actually brand new with tags and three of them are like new.  Just need to find a bow for the little white bear.  Got all five for about $2.00!  The big brand new GUND was 64 cents!  The other bears were each 30 cents.  Gotta love 40% off days at Goodwill!

These trucks on the other hand were $5.00 at Biglots for the three.  Not as great a price as the stuffed animals but the best I have seen for these.  I LOVE them for the boys ages 2-4 category because they are safe for 12 months and older and very sturdy.  Target also had these on clearance a few days ago but they were $8.00 for 4.  I think the normal price I was finding them for at Walmart before Christmas was 5 in a package for $10.00 so I will check back at Target to see if they go down further in price.

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