Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Favorite Box Finds - Part 2

Here are some of my favorite boxes we packed this year.

GIRL Ages 2-4: I love this box because of the cute mouse I found brand new at a garage sale for .50 and the blanket she's holding found at Hobby Lobby as a display sample of knitted yarn that was no longer needed so it was in their clearance section.  The flower hand towel was found at Target during their Valentine's Day clearance.

BOY Ages 2-4: I love the xylophone found at a TJMaxx and the Office Max bag that was donated along with several others by a cashier at that store when I explained why I was buying other things for the box.    The second picture shows an O Ball that I love to send when I can find them affordably.  I think they are great for young kids because they are easy to grab.  Also they can be stuffed with other things while packing the box.

GIRL Ages 5-9:  I loved finding the rectangle shaped water bottles.  They fit well into the boxes and we loaded them up with all the little stuff in the box.  I think this one held among other things a jump rope and spoon.  Also there was a lavender boa found in the craft area of Hobby Lobby.  Also included were a bag of pony beads and a bag of pretty yarn.

BOY Ages 5-9:  Found these UNO cards at Target last year for $1.00 it was a special promotion of some kind.  Also, when I'm at Hobby Lobby and have a 40% off coupon I like to pick up a Duncan YoYo like this orange one.

GIRL Ages 10-14: This is one of my favorite boxes because the clearance Easter bunny from  K-Mart is incredibly SOFT! But the main reason this is one of my favorite boxes has to to with the headbands just in front of the bunny. My 4th grader used her "classroom bucks" earned during the school year to "purchase" them just for the boxes during her classroom's year-end auction.

BOY Ages 10-14:  Lots of fun stuff including a plastic whistle found in the party supply section of Dollar General.

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