Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Favorite Box Finds

Here are some of my favorite groupings we began to put together before we packed the shoeboxes.  I used plastic bags designed for jewelry parts (Hobby Lobby) when there were small items that I wanted to stay together.

I love these half size pencil boxes found at Walmart for .10 each during the school supply clearance.  Used them here for a stamping craft kit.  Also used left over scrapbooking paper to punch out tags for a small booklet. Always included plain paper in the box if it held a stamping kit also as well as colored pencils and a sharpener.

We also put together some fishing kits which included a spool of line, rope to hold fish, small net and bobbers (all from Walmart), a small clear container (Hobby Lobby - designed for coin collectors) with nail clippers and various hooks and lures.  Finally,  a muslin bag to hold it all (Hobby Lobby) with a shower curtain hanger to attach the net to the bag.

I really fell in love with these muslin bags from Hobby Lobby, this smaller version was perfect I thought for a collection of marbles.

We used the coin container again here to hold safety pins and nail clippers for the sewing kit which also included buttons, small scissors, thread and needles.  The small cloth bag (Hobby Lobby) is closed with a large safety pin decorated with ribbon pieces.

A small LED flashlight with extra batteries and a fun lanyard attached.

When the size of the shoebox allows with other contents considered, a regular size pencil box can hold a good amount of hygiene type items such as double-bagged Ivory soap, a washcloth, comb (my favorite choice because one end has large separations between the teeth and one end has small), underwear, socks, emery board, toothbrush, toothpaste and a handkerchief (Dollar General clearance price was .25).  When space in the shoebox doesn't allow for this size pencil box, the half size is great actually for everything except the washcloth and soap which was squeezed in the shoebox separately. 

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