Monday, February 20, 2012

Meijers & Dollar General Finds

These combs are my very favorite to send in boxes because they have one end that has larger spaces between the teeth and one end that has smaller spaces and you never know what type of hair the child who receives your box will have.  They were on clearance at Meijers last week and I grabbed the last 7 which was nice but I am afraid since they are clearing them out I may have to find a new favorite comb.  I needed to anyway because even on clearance these are still $1.51 each.  Still - if I stop at any other Meijer stores I'll pick up whatever I can. 

The handkerchiefs were $1.00 for 2 in the Dollar General clearance aisle but their quality was not as good as last years there.  Still I love to give one in each hygiene kit.  There were Valentine items also on clearance for 50% off so there were packs of these heart shaped pencil sharpeners for 50 cents.  I always send pencil sharpeners in small plastic bags so it is easier for the kids to keep the parts together - especially in a case like these heart shapes because the clear lid didn't fit snug enough to always stay on if it was tumbling around with the other stuff in their box.

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